Because you’re not the only one it’s happened to…

Welcome to ThisGuyOwesMeMoney.com, the website where you can air your grievances against the sales people, service providers, product manufacturers and any other idiots who either owe you money, or SHOULD.


Ever have a transaction with a person or business that just left a sour taste in your mouth? OF COURSE YOU HAVE!  We all have.  Sometimes there are avenues available to get recourse, and sometimes there aren’t.  If you’ve had a frustrating experience that you can’t really do anything about, this site will give you an opportunity to vent your frustration publicly, and sometimes that’s enough to make you feel better.

Did you…

  • Get screwed at the auto repair shop? We want to hear from you!
  • Fall for that crappy product on the TV infomercial? Send us your story!
  • Pay a contractor for work, only to have him disappear? Tell us about it!


There are a couple of ways that people get the short end of a transaction:


We all make mistakes. There’s no point in denying that. But, when someone makes a mistake when they’re working on YOUR car, or YOUR room addition, or YOUR appliance… they need to own up to it. Unfortunately, the opposite is becoming more and more the norm – not only do they try to hide it, but they will often deny doing it, or even blame YOU for it.


Very simply, this is when someone lies to you… That salesman in the store tells you there is a 3 year warranty on that laptop computer, so you believe him. But, 14 months later, you find out the hard way that it only had a 1 year warranty.

In either case, the average Joe usually ends up not only footing the bill, but having to live with the results of somebody else’s bone-headed mistake,  intentional malfeasance, or blatant wrongdoing.

Well, not here! We’re going to tell the whole story to the whole world. We’re going to name names, give contact information, dates… everything. You may not get your money back, but at least you can feel like you helped someone else to avoid getting the same shaft you did.

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